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 July 2020
Jeffrey N. Gingold
With time to look around 

Yes, I still have MS and with a compromised immune system, so the pandemic is nothing to ignore.   My neurologist has recommended that due to the combination of MS and the immunosuppressive function of my medication, I should stay at home and self-quarantine.  O.K.  

In the meantime, I have noticed some odd unexpected changes in my life via the self-quarantine.  Cognitively or physically, maybe you can relate to some of the realities.

  1. For the past couple of weeks, I have had the exact same cash in my wallet.  Identical currency and numbers.  Guess I haven’t gone anywhere to purchase anything.

  2. My car has the same full tank of gas.  

  3. No one comments about the length of my hair, since we are all in the same boat.  

  4. I previously lost track of those relatives anyway.

  5. De-cluttering takes ten times the effort as the original cluttering. 

  6. Reruns aren’t so bad, especially if you don’t remember seeing the episode the first time.

  7. The birds seem louder.

  8. Since when did we get a cat?

  9. When slow walking around the block with a cane, there is really no reason to rush. 

  10. I really love my family. 

We are so much closer to discovering better treatments for MS, while sharing strategies for its impediments.  Our resilient efforts to find a cure are still there for each of us in the MS community.  Take good care of yourself and see you on the other side of this pandemic stuff, so we can finish our work to end MS.  We will, just watch us.



Jeffrey N. Gingold, internationally acclaimed author of the award-winning book, Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, 2nd Edition (Demos Medical Publications, 2011) and Mental Sharpening Stones: Manage the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis (Demos Medical Publications, 2008).   

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