International Multiple Sclerosis Cognition Society

The International Multiple Sclerosis Cognition Society (IMSCOGS) promotes research about cognition in MS.
It is a point of contact and information for all researchers and health professionals interested in MS cognition.

Prof Christian Enzinger

Assoc. Prof. PD Christian Enzinger, MD, MBA, FEAN

Medical University of Graz, Austria
Member at Large 2016-2019


Christian Enzinger obtained his medical degree at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz (Austria) in 1998 and became a Board Certified Neurologist in 2006. He received specific training in neuroimaging as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB) at the University of Oxford.

He is Associate Professor of Neurology, Deputy Head of the Department of General Neurology at the University Clinic of Graz, Director of the Research Unit for Neuronal Repair and Plasticity at the Medical University of Graz and working in the MS Unit at the Department of Neurology.

He is co-chair of the MAGNIMS group (Magnetic Resonance in Multiple Sclerosis), Member of the Scientific Committee and Co-Chair of the Panel Neuroimaging of the European Academy of Neurology, and president of the Austrian Society for Functional MRI. He is also organizing the national MS academy and has contributed to teaching on the field of MS at various international conferences.

He is actively involved in research on MS, at both the national and international level, having published more than 220 papers in peer-reviewed journals. His specific research focus lies on the use of MRI in elucidating the heterogeneity of and studying mechanisms of repair and functional plasticity in MS, ageing, and cerebrovascular disease. He and members of his group have received several prizes in recognition of their scientific work.